DIY Basket Wall

If you’ve been following along on our Instagram page you’ll know we’ve been living with my Father-in-law while we build our home. I’ve been able to slowly add some much need decor pieces, but am limited on what I can actually change! Adding a basket wall can make such a change for a small amount of money.

Most of the items in this photo are thrifted or reused from items in my Father-in-laws home! Hunting for items in your home first can be a great way to change things up and give a fresh look to your space! Not to mention, FREE!

You can find baskets at a lot of stores, but if you’re looking to keep this a budget friendly project, then thrifting will be the way to go! I found all of these baskets for .99 cents each! I randomly stopped in to Savers, Good Will, and Salvation Army and collectively found all 10!

I started by having all the baskets laid out in front of me. I placed the biggest basket first on the wall and attached with a small nail.

Then I randomly picked up each basket and held it up to the wall to see if I liked it. If I didn’t, I would pick up a different basket and try again. I didn’t let myself linger too long though! I went with my initial gut reaction and it all came together rather quickly!

Don’t stress over the placement of your baskets too much! If you need to take a step back and visualize it as you go.

The table was relocated from another area of the home as well as the high chair! I love using vintage crocks for planters and was thrilled he already had the cactus in one! The Snake Plant, Pothos Plant, and Succulents are all really easy and inexpensive indoor house plants to take care of even if you don’t have a green thumb. Incorporating plants into your decor is an easy way to freshen up your space. The great thing is you can do faux or live plants! You can buy smaller ones to use table top or grab a slightly bigger one to throw in a Belly Basket on the floor!

I hope you find this to be an easy DIY project for you! Make sure to tag @thewatsonfarmhouse on your finished project!

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