5 Inexpensive Modern Farmhouse Wall Sconces from Walmart

During any home decor journey, whether it be starting with a clean slate or refreshing a space, can sometimes be costly. I know I scroll through Pinterest and Instagram often clicking on links to products that I absolutely LOVE…only to find that the price tag just won’t work for me! I know that feeling to want to live the champagne life on a bud light budget! To achieve the modern farmhouse look on a budget I’ve rounded up some beautiful wall sconces with an equally beautiful price tag! I’m really into the mix of matte black and brass lately as you may have noticed.

1. Modern Wall Lamp Plug-In Set of 2

For a set of two you can’t beat this price! Since these are a plug-in light fixture, they would be perfect for above your bedside tables or in a cozy reading nook!

2. Industrial Vintage Metal Hardwire Pendant

These vintage metal pendants can really fit into any room in your home! This is a great price point for TWO! Especially if you want to carry the same look throughout multiple rooms in your home!

3. Vintage Industrial Glass Light Wall Sconce

These Vintage Industrial Glass wall sconces are gorgeous and are under $30 a piece! How pretty would these look in a bathroom?

4. Industrial Edison Vintage Simplicity Glass Wall Sconce

At under $20 a piece you cannot go wrong with these Vintage Simplicity glass sconces! You can take these sconces from kitchen to bathroom with how versatile they are!

5. Industrial Edison Vintage Simplicity Glass Wall Sconce

I love the modern feel these sconces give off! For under $25 a piece you can easily transform single or multiple spaces without hurting your wallet!

I know you must be thinking how can Walmart have nice things? I have to be honest with you, I’ve felt the same! However, I have begun to notice how much Walmart has been stepping up their game! Budgets of all kinds should be able to feel like the desired modern farmhouse look can be achieved. I hope this helps inspire you to get creative!

*This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I receive a small commission off products purchased through my links. My family and I appreciate your support!*

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