Spring Wardrobe Capsule

As most of you know, Erin @cottonstem, shared her Spring Wardrobe Capsule ideas on her blog. After watching her Instagram stories it really inspired me to take a look at my current wardrobe situation. If any of y’all feel a little overwhelmed to look in your closet or feel like you still have nothing to wear after staring for 10 minutes, then you’ll want to keep reading!

The first step in successfully starting a Wardrobe Capsule is to go through your entire closet! We all know there are clothes hanging that will continue to just hang there. You’ll hear often the best way to do this is to create piles. I personally like to make a love it, donate it, and trash it pile! I used to have a horrible habit of keeping clothes for years and years. For no real rhyme or reason either! If you asked me how many times I actually wore that piece of clothing in the last year most often I wouldn’t be able to tell you! In cases like that, donate it! I felt better knowing it would pass on to someone else vs throwing it in the trash!

Once you have your closet cleaned out, try to store clothes that are not in season in a Rubbermaid container! This will lessen the anxiety of opening up a closet full of clothes. The key here is to help you get ready faster for the day and actually wear the clothes you buy!

If you set yourself up correctly you should be able to pick out an outfit for the day in no time at all. The best advice Erin gives is to be mindful of the colors you’re buying. A way to “spend less and get more” is all about coordinating your clothing before you buy! For Spring this year I’ve grown to love mustard yellows, pale pinks and greens. Spring is also a great time to move towards lighter denims!

I ran into Old Navy over the weekend and started to put together my own Wardrobe Capsule. I will link everything below for you! *No links in this post are affiliated*

Striped Linen Shirt wearing size small

Rockstar Button Fly Skinnies wearing size 4

Slingback Sandals (fit true to size)

Linen Jumpsuit wearing size small

Woven Backless Mules true to size

Printed Linen Shirt wearing size small

Boyfriend 3″ Short wearing size 4

Striped Scoop-Neck Jersey Tank wearing size small

Boyfriend 3″ Distressed short wearing size 4

Chambray Light Wash Dress

A Jean jacket is such a staple that can go with many outfits!

Happy Closet Cleaning!!

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