Hexagon or Subway Tiles?

I have always had a strong feeling that I would have subway tiles in our kitchen for our backsplash. I love the look of white tiles with a fairly dark grout and always have! Well something happened today while I was scrolling through farmhouse kitchens. I stumbled upon Hexagon Tiles as backsplashes. This made me gasp I loved them so much!

This kitchen designed by @theeyespymilkbar is to die for! I love the spacing and grout color choices here. This has definitely got me rethinking my kitchen design!


I always come back to my original design idea of subway tiles though. I mean look at this kitchen from @texasforeverfarmhouse! The way the tile is set with minimal spacing and the grout color choice compliment her brass light fixtures and custom hood so elegantly!


I’ll be working on a rendering for our kitchen to hopefully get all my creative ideas in order! I’ll share another blog post once it’s done! (Sources for photos can be found here!)

Which is your favorite? Comment below or visit @thewatsonfarmhouse on Instagram!

The Watson Farmhouse

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